Akasa Electric Pizza Oven P0-409 SS

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Model : PO-409 SS
Brand : AKASA
SS Wire Grills : 11″x18″ Inches (2 Nos)
Dimensions : 25″X16″17″ Inches
Capacity : 4 Pizzas of 9″
Power Consumption : 2.4kW
Voltage : 220 Volts
Outer Body : Stainless Steel
Inner Body : Stainless Steel
Temp. Range : Room Temp. – 300° C
Operation Type : Automatic Cutoff
Net Weight : 15 Kgs

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This Pizza oven comes with a variety of features to enhance the cooking experience and deliver delicious pizzas. Here are it’s common
features :

Temperature Control: This oven features temperature control mechanisms to adjust and maintain the desired cooking temperature. This allows you to achieve the perfect balance of a crispy crust, melted cheese, and well-cooked toppings. LPG Gas pizza ovens from this series comes with manual flame regulator.

Accessories: This oven comes with additional accessories like pizza screens, pizza cutter and pizza spatula which can enhance your pizza-making experience and help with maintenance.

Insulation: Glass wool insulation in this pizza oven helps retain heat and ensures consistent cooking temperatures. It also helps to reduce heat loss and improves energy efficiency. Its big wooden handle prevents heat burn and ensures hassle free functionality.

Multiple Cooking Levels: It comes with two stainless steel shelves, allowing you to cook multiple pizzas simultaneously. You can bake the pizza directly or with the help of pizza screens for easy functionality.

Rapid Heating: Efficient pizza ovens heat up quickly, reducing the preheating time and allowing you to start cooking pizzas sooner. Glass Viewing Window: This pizza oven includes a viewing window to monitor the cooking progress without opening the oven door. This helps maintain consistent heat levels and prevents heat loss.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.6 × 1.7 cm


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