Modern Espresso Coffee Machine 21 Inch Deluxe Series – Heavy Duty

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Model : ECM-21 DLX
Brand : MODERN
Capacity : 10 Litres (600 Cups)
Power Consumption : 3kW / LPG
Function : Double Heater & Double Pipe
Body Material : Fully Stainless Steel & Heavy
Copper Tank
Operation Type : Frothing with Automatic Pressure
Cut System
Dimensions : 21″x17″x17″ Inch
Net Weight : 16.5 Kgs

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Presenting Indian Tea Coffee Espresso Machine build for commercial purposes like weddings, parties, social gatherings, marriage functions, restaurants, cafes, catering and hospitality, giving you an affordable and reliant way of earning. We have seven models in different water capacities and sizes which can make from 100-1000 cups of coffee. It gives a rich frothy taste to your hot beverages like tea & coffee.

Installation Process

1. Do not operate this machine without water, otherwise you will loose its heaters. Hence no guarantee for heaters.

2. Fit the steam pipes and pouring funnel on the upper valves and water outlet pipe on the bottom valve.

3. Open all the upper valves in anti-clockwise motion and close the bottom valve in clockwise motion for pouring water.

4. When the water reaches to the given mark on the water level glass, close all the valves (clockwise motion) and connect electricity.

5. After 10 minutes the safety valve will whistle at 30 pounds pressure (check pressure gauge) indicating machine is ready to use.

6. Keep a check on the water level and add water as it reaches to the empty mark after releasing all steam from the tank.

7. Turn off the electricity when the machine is not in use and do not leave the machine when power is on.

Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 53.34 × 43.18 × 43.18 cm


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