Bakomax Gas Single Deep Fryer GF-10

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Model : GF-10
Basket Size : 9″x5″x4″ Inches
Dimensions : 290x520x480 mm
Capacity : 6 Litres
Power Consumption : LPG Gas
Body Material : Fully Stainless Steel
Temp. Range : Room Temp. – 200° C
Operation Type : Manual
Net Weight : 8.7 Kgs

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Deep fryers are kitchen appliances specifically designed for frying food items by immersing them in hot oil. They provide a convenient and efficient way to achieve crispy and evenly cooked results. Whether used in homes or commercial settings, deep fryers offer several features to enhance the frying process. Here’s a description of the typical features found in our deep fryers:

Oil Capacity: Deep fryers come in various sizes, offering different oil capacities. The capacity determines the amount of food that can be fried at once. Home fryers generally have smaller capacities, while commercial fryers can handle larger volumes.

Heating Element: Deep fryers feature a heating element that heats the oil to the desired temperature. The heating element is typically located at the bottom of the fryer and provides consistent heat for even frying.

Temperature Control: Our deep fryers have adjustable thermostats or temperature control knobs. This allows you to set and maintain the desired frying temperature, ensuring optimal cooking results for different types of food.

Basket: Deep fryers include a removable frying basket that holds the food while it’s immersed in the hot oil. The basket helps with easy and safe handling of the food, allowing excess oil to drain off after frying.

Easy Cleaning: Deep fryers with removable parts, such as frying baskets and oil tank, makes cleaning more convenient and further simplify the cleaning process.

Compact Design: Deep fryers feature a compact design, making them suitable for countertop use and easy storage.

It’s important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using a deep fryer to ensure safe and proper usage. Deep fryers provide a convenient and efficient method for achieving crispy and delicious fried foods in both home and commercial kitchens.

Weight 8.7 kg
Dimensions 29 × 52 × 48 cm


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